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The Bauer MacKenzie CFX Fly Reels are light, simple and beautiful. These premium fly reels feature a clean retro look with classic multi-sized porting


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The Bauer MacKenzie CFX Fly Reels feature a highly developed sealed, floating carbon fiber disc drag. The V-Arbor spool and drag system rotate on sealed, precision stainless steel ball bearings. The star drag knob is set back into the spool, which do not separate when the spool is removed from the reel frame. This prevents the loss of parts when the reel is disassembled. The star drag knob allows for easy one finger drag adjustment. The non-corrosive, patented Bauer zero-backlash clutch allows the user to easily change the retrieve direction without the use of tools. The Bauer MacKenzie CFX Fly Reels are precision machined from 100% aerospace bar stock aluminum and stainless steel construction for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. There are no plastic parts or bushings on these reels, even the crank handle is hardwood.

The Bauer MacKenzie CFX Fly Reels feature a deep anodized, jet black polished finish. These reels are available in five sizes for 3 wt. through 9 wt. lines.

Made in the U.S.A.


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SKU Description Line Weight Weight
SP2028v CFX 4wt (Red)   oz
SP2031v CFX 4wt Spey (Green)   oz
SP2193s CFX 5 (used, Black)   oz
SP2032v CFX 5wt (Splash Yellow)   oz
SP2033v CFX 5wt Spey (Splash Yellow)   oz
Total items: 5
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