Dave bought out and replaced Bob Young in 1990, and ever since, he has been at the helm of what is certainly one of Canada's premiere fly shops. As Dave has a formal background in mathematics and statistics, he is more responsible for the financial and accounting aspects of the business - his brother refers to him as a mathemafishian. Dave is an extremely avid flyfisher, and usually spends 50 days per year chasing fish anywhere from the saltwater flats to the remote steelhead rivers of northern British Columbia. His passions include both sight fishing for permit and spey fishing for steelhead, and he is an experienced instructor in both single and double handed flycasting. Dave also serves as the shop instructor for our very popular flyfishing & entomology course where he has taught hundreds students, over the years, the basics of the sport.








Once known as missions fish'n magician, Ryan has since broadened his horizon and taken on the rest of the fishing world. Ryan brings an extensive knowledge of the sport which he started acquiring at the tender age of four. Ryan has worked in most aspects of the fishing industry over the last 10 years, including wholesale as well as retail. Although majoring in mathematics Ryan's true passion is on the water where his calculating mind has help deduct the finer aspects of the sport. Ryan is a well rounded rod excelling in trout, steelhead and salmon angling.






Over 30 years ago, Gary's had his first experience in the fly fishing realm; casting tiny dry flies to Arctic grayling. Since then his love for the dry has been solidified and he has broadened and honed his fly fishing skills to include all the aspects of our sport. From microscopic dry fly fishing to down and dirty deep water river dredging, he is a well rounded fly fisherman, knowledgeable not only locally but also with in the interior of B.C., and his passion for dry fly has taken him to many rivers in Montana and Idaho. With a diploma in Fine Arts from Emily Carr, he uses his artistic skills to add originality and innovation to his flies. We welcomed Gary to the M&Y family in the spring of 2003 and have been very pleased with easy going demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile for the customer.





Our very own steelhead diva! Adrienne has become a well rounded fly fisher and has caught just about everything this province has to offer for finned creatures. She is a great caster and excellent spey caster and is teaching some women orientated fishing and casting courses in the upcoming year. Besides the fishing she has proven herself a book keeping wonder so we get double duty out of her.






Aaron has been fly fishing and flytying since the age of six and his passion for the sport has only grown since that first day. Although Aaron is very well rounded in all aspects of fly fishing he spends the majority of his time in pursuit of Steelhead on the many remote and local rivers of B.C. including the famous Dean and the mighty Thompson or " matching the hatch" on interior lakes. Aaron has worked in the industry for many years and has spent three years as a fly fishing guide at a well known remote wilderness lodge. He started working for Michael and Young shortly after the Vancouver location opened, he was a full time fixture for a few years and has recently returned from some much deserved time off. Aaron has spent the last ten years honing his casting skills and developing his credentials as a very proficient casting instructor in both spey and single hand casting. Aaron is currently a certified fly casting instructor through the Federation of Fly Fishers and a member of the Totem Fly Fishers in Vancouver.




Lawrence brings a fresh attitude, and big smile to our Vancouver store. He was in the shop so much we figured we should just hire him. He has pioneered some pretty awesome Lower Fraser fly fishing and flies for salmon. You should stop in to meet him and maybe he will hook you up with some great new ideas.



Al's passion for fly fishing is growing every year as is his arsenal of rods, reels, and experiences. His favorite place to be is on the Skagit casting small emerger patterns to selective Rainbow Trout. He is in charge of shipping and receiving, and our warranty department, and is almost as handy with a tape gun as he is with a fly rod.



If you fish rivers in the Fraser Valley you have probably met Tim, or at least heard him laugh somewhere around the bend in the river. He brings an awesome attitude to the store with his outgoing personality and warm smile, and he is one of the most fanatical steelhead spey dudes around. He has become an amazing "Underhand" spey caster is is always excited to share his knowledge with anyone that cares to ask. He graces the Surrey store front on most Sundays, unfortunately he has to hold down a "real" job to pay the bills on the days he is not fishing.



One of the newest members of the M&Y team is Sid "The Flymaster" Soetisna.

Sid has been fascinated with fishing and fish for that matter ever since he was young living in Holland where he spent a lot of time fishing for Carp and Pike. When his parents decided to immigrate to Canada it would give him an opportunity to fish for species he had only read about, Trout and Salmon. Growing up most of his spare time revolved around fishing activities, whether it be tying flies, reading books, or actually fishing on the water. His passion is any type of sight fishing, whether for big rainbows on White Lake, or carp in one of the Lower Mainland sloughs. Although his three beautiful girls take up much of his time he is excited to watch them grow and to introduce them to the amazing world of fly fishing, and still manages to devote some of his time to the water and the fly fishing that he loves.



Jason started as a full time customer and has become a full time employee. He loves to fish and is quickly becoming a well-rounded fly fisherman. Rivers, lakes, salmon, steelhead, trout...he loves it all and he can help you find success on your next fishing trip.


Chad is a long time customer and dedicated fisherman. He fills most of his time off chasing some kind of fish, whether trout, salmon, or steelhead, with rod in hand. He is an awesome presence in the shop with a great sense of humor, quick laugh, and generous attitude.