One of the newest members of the M&Y team is Sid "The Flymaster" Soetisna. Sid has been fascinated with fishing and fish for that matter ever since he was young living in Holland where he spent a lot of time fishing for Carp and Pike. When his parents decided to immigrate to Canada it would give him an opportunity to fish for species he had only read about, Trout and Salmon. Growing up most of his spare time revolved around fishing activities, whether it be tying flies, reading books, or actually fishing on the water. His passion is any type of sight fishing, whether for big rainbows on White Lake, or carp in one of the Lower Mainland sloughs. Although his three beautiful girls take up much of his time he is excited to watch them grow and to introduce them to the amazing world of fly fishing, and still manages to devote some of his time to the water and the fly fishing that he loves.