Guided Fly Fishing Trips
British Columbia, Canada

Pitt River Harrison R. Fraser R. Lillooet R. Columbia R. Chilliwack R.
Above is a sampling of some of the waters that Michael & Young services. You should be able to find most anything that your fishing needs may have. Peruse freely and try to find which piece of water best describes your pace, ability and wants.
We have partnered with Chromer Sportfishing to offer you a chance to fish some of the most beautiful and amazing steelhead rivers in the province!! Some opportunities in 2014 include the Babine, Skeena, Bulkley, Dean, Nass, Kalum, Yakoun, and Gold rivers. Please visit for more details.

M&Y is always finding different opportunities to test your fly fishing skills and as we find them we will be adding them to the site in this category. If, by chance, there is a trip that you had in mind and cannot find, contact us with your request, as if it is in B.C. we have probably been there and have connections to help your ideal fishing adventures happen.