Guided Fly Fishing Trips
British Columbia, Canada

Pitt River Harrison R. Fraser R. Lillooet R. Columbia R. Chilliwack R.


The waters of the Harrison are hallowed as being some of the best fly waters of the Fraser Valley. Its low gradient, clarity and estuarial feel make it ideal for the fur and feather tosser. Also, the inaccessibility and need for a jet boat give a fairly remote feel even though it is within an hour of Vancouver.

The Harrison is the single largest salmon-producing tributary of the Fraser River system. All five species of salmon enter the Harrison to spawn and die and/or move up river to their natal streams to propagate and fulfill their life cycle. This often means that in-season, multiple species days can be had.
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Prices: $610 Canadian / 2 persons = $640 Canadian / 3 persons = $750 Canadian
4 persons = $800 Canadian

Includes: all fishing gear, 8+ hours fishing, jet boat, and guide
Not Included: %GST tax, fishing licenses, lunch, accommodations or gratuities. Lunches can be ordered for an additional $15.00 each.