Guided Fly Fishing Trips
British Columbia, Canada

Pitt River Harrison R. Fraser R. Lillooet R. Columbia R. Chilliwack R.


The Fraser is the single largest river system in British Columbia; traversing three quarters of BC it is the major water drainage of the province. It also has the single largest amount of salmon traveling through it, of any other river, during their spawning runs

Entering the Pacific at the city of Vancouver most of the salmon in the lower reaches are in their prime as they prepare to make their final journeys. Most of the sport fishing in the Fraser is done from the town of Chilliwack to the town of Hope. Jet boats are not a necessity but definitely help in the attempts to get away from the sometimes crowded conditions.
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Prices: $610 Canadian / 2 persons = $640 Canadian / 3 persons = $750 Canadian
4 persons = $800 Canadian

Includes: all fishing gear, 8+ hours fishing, jet boat, and guide
Not Included: %GST tax, fishing licenses, lunch, accommodations or gratuities. Lunches can be ordered for an additional $15.00 each.