Guided Fly Fishing Trips
British Columbia, Canada

COHO SALMON (Silver’s) These are the pinnacle of sport fish with in the Pacific salmon family. These fish can range from being extremely shy... MORE
CHUM SALMON (Dog’s) Simply said chums are a work out. These fish show in huge numbers every year and are eager fly bighters... MORE
PINK SALMON (Humpy’s) This is a great place to start if you have never caught a salmon before or are looking for non-stop action... MORE
CUTTHROAT TROUT (Sea run’s) One of the prettiest trout you will ever come across, cutthroat are splendid light tackle sport fish...MORE
CHINOOK SALMON (King’s) If a fight is what you after than kings are for you. These are the biggest of the big and there is no such...MORE
SOCKEYE SALMON (Red’s) Screaming runs, tail walking, torpedoing, cart wheeling are but a few words used to describe... MORE
STEELHEAD TROUT (Squaretail’s) The ultimate challenge that B.C. has to offer; steelhead represent the pinnacle in sport fishing on... MORE
BULL TROUT These special fish are not true trout but rather in the char family. Increasingly rare in the rest of the world, BC boasts one the...MORE